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Ballroom Refresh Under Historical Limitations

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Northern New Jersey

This second floor ballroom and pre-function space was highly disadvantage by its T-shaped layout of the ballroom, making it difficult for guests to view the dance floor and musical entertainment. The cocktial hour space was also constrained by the current setup.

I worked with this venue's operators and sales team to plan upgrades to help refresh the space while working withing the limitations on change due to its historically-designated status.

Thus I provided compelling use cases and a historically-sensitive proposal to the governing county officials, ultimately gaining approvals for modification of the existing spaces.

I had the load bearing wall expanded as much as possible to widen the view for all guests to the renowned city skyline. I had the faux exterior doors replaced with real exterior doors providing access to the adjoining balcony for the first time.

I also arranged for additional upgrades to the decor elements of the spaces and installation of a new dance floor, among other touches.

The result was a more open and inviting space that provide better form and function for hosting private events.

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