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Commercial HVAC Solutions in Restricted Spaces

Project type

HVAC Retrofit




Northern New Jersey


The Dome Rooftop Lounge


Project Manager

This project for a rooftop lounge required retrofitting of new HVAC systems into limited spaces with highly antiquated mechanical systems and structures. Making the project additionally demanding was the confluence of considerations that (a) the space was entirely "domed" in glass, covering that majority of the ceiling and surrounding walls, making regulating the temperature consistently a challenge, and (b) the spaces primary would result in a large number of people dancing in the space, thus causing a lot of fluctuation in guest comfort in regarding heating and cooling.

To resolve this issue, I working with experienced commercial HVAC professionals to design low-profile mechanicals and ventilation solutions that could be dynamic enough to support the widely variable requirements of the space in any given season.

Capitalizing of the installation of the units, I also used this as an opportunity to replace the dated ceiling, install a sound dampening system, and route additional wiring for CCTV, a WiFi hotspot.

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