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Infrastructure Implementation - Laying the Groundwork For Success

Project type

Utilities & Technology Integration




Northern New Jersey


Pleasantdale Chateau Luxury Event & Conference Estate


Project Manager

To lay the groundwork for this projects full functionality I coordinated the necessary infrastructure preparation and improvements to support that scale of the combine new and adaptive construction.

Among the project management tasks I oversaw was the coordination with multiple utility companies to upgrade the site to current utilities. I also worked with the architect and engineers to lay ample conduits before the foundation was poured to pre-plan any future infrastructure advancement for pulling cables through the space to integrate AV and IT options. I further coordinated the complete IT infrastructure, and arranged for dedicated Ethernet ports, power supplies, WiFi, and Bluetooth to optimize availability of all currently technologies to allow for live streaming, integrated audio system control, and more. Also integrated the framework to support connectivity for any current or future technologies.

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