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Nightclub Events & Promotions

Project type

Entertainment Coordination & Venue Marketing




Northern New Jersey

This nightclub that was operating within a restaurant and banquet facility was significantly under-performing and struggling to find it's image and audience. I stepped-in to develop its own separate brand identity and concept, with the goal of bringing life and revenue back to this space.

Part of the unique challenge of finding the right entertainment programming and concept was the fact that the nightclub needed to service after-hours parties for wedding groups hosting their celebrations in the connected event spaces as well as cater to after-dinner guests from the fine dining restaurant on the floor below. However, to fully capitalize on its potential and maximize revenue generation from the lounge space, it also required a third constituent - a outside clientele coming specifically for the nightclub experience. Thus, careful thought and planning was required to find the right balance and approach to revitalize this nightclub, while service three distinct audiences and needs.

To this end, I lobbied ownership and management to dedicate resources and overcame their resistance to changes, winning over the staff and bringing them a sense of optimism, possibility, progress.

To deliver on this mission, I quickly presented a new concept, approach, and target audience. I selected the appropriate entertainment -- primarily DJs and live entertainment that were on-board with the vision and were geared toward our target demographic.

I pushed to implement significant changes to the beverage program, updating the cocktail menu and improving on the range and quality of beers, wine, and liquors available.

I worked to bring in the bar and service staff, to elevate the level of talent and hospitality provided to our guests.

I further worked with the culinary staff to add and curate a food menu appropriate to the bar and lounge, and arranged for a cook, specifically dedicated for the nightclub ,to prepare food into the late night for the rapidly increasing demand.

I worked to develop various promotions, including happy hours, a wide range of theme nights, dance parties, and more.

With a consistent message, highly targeted marketing efforts, quickly-spreading word-of-mouth, and welcoming-to-all ethos of hospitality the experience from the staff and guests alike fed into a genuine sense of place and relevance where people wanted to be.

Through this intricate and demanding--but rewarding--process, I took this nightclub from afterthought to an after-hours hot spot.

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