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Expansion & Renovation with Structural Upgrades & Hi-Spec Design

Project Type

Renovation, Structural Improvements, Classical Design


April 2023


Northern New Jersey


Project Manager + Design Consultant


The Manor (Bow & Arrow Manor, Inc.)

This project required a full structural and aesthetic overhaul to create a more open and welcome main lobby area as well as two new elevators where there had been none before, new mens' and ladies' lounges, and other ancillary space.

For this project, I participated in the selection of an architectural team. The scope of work would include the engineering and retrofitting of the load-bearing element, installing structural steel and other support enhancement to improve the current conditions of the historical building and make the new work possible.

Part of the ambitious plan was to remove a portion of the second floor to create a two-story reveal. This also included raise the upper ceiling.

The general decor, millwork, and other finishes were either completely redone or retrofitted to provide a more refined, elegant and brighter aesthetic worthy of a grand entrance fitting the scale of the overall facility.

The entryway foyer/vestibule was entirely reconfigured as well to provide more amenities (seating areas) for guests and improve the flow of the high volume of foot traffic.

As another part of this project two ballrooms that were no longer optimal for the current demands of the venue's private event formats were consolidated and reconfigured to provide for public lounges, centralized restrooms, and new accessibility through the addition of a public elevator, a service elevator, ramps, updated lighting, and fire alarm/protection systems.

Throughout the renovation process, I further mediated and coordinated between all third parties, the loose structure of contracting, and the management/ownership of the venue.

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