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Decor Customization and Design+Build of Modular Furniture ​

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Northern New Jersey

Project Duration

Five Months


Project Manager + Lead Designer

Project type

Interior Design, Renovation Management

The backdrop for a wedding bridesmaids suite is not only important for hair and makeup preparation but for photography. As the bridal party sometimes seeks a space to prepare for the big event, sometimes the process is just as much an event. The anticipation and psyching each other up while listening to music and getting ready deserves a glamorous setting.

As I planned to renovate the space, I felt that an essential part of reconfiguring the limited space would be to design a modular piece of furniture. I wanted it to resonate with a theme of weddings, a cascading cake, and be able to support the anticipated group photography, and be easily moveable into a configuration around an embedded table if the party chooses to center themselves around the middle for socializing and partying.

- FABRIC: Kravet high durability.
- My design is currently being sold by the manufacturer I commissioned.

When I started this phase for the bridal suite, I aimed for a Hollywood style boutique in contrast to the other neighboring suites to provide a variety of styles for wedding parties from which to choose. I worked with the existing vanity layout and had the lighting fixtures restored. I additionally contracted a decorative painter to enhance the aesthetic of the domed ceiling.

I customized the nook trim for more seating and photography and added customized drapery for sound absorption.

What Others Have Said:

"As yet another entirely unique, authentic space at The Manor, our newly revamped Rotunda Bridal Suite now offers our brides a lush, romantic getaway to prepare for their special day. This space has been re-imagined to serve as a private suite exclusively for our bride and her bridal party.

Though designed to evoke the elegance of an earlier age, the suite also presents contemporary amenities for today’s bride. The code locked door ensures the peace of mind of not only privacy and exclusive control, but the security of treasured belongings. A dedicated in-suite private built-in sound system is easily playlist pairable via a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone or mobile device. The integrated hassle-free WiFi connection also helps to deliver the best of both worlds for our Manor brides.

Our project manager and talented designer, Keri Knowles, envisioned this space with the intention of accentuating the feeling of femininity and allure that every bride should have on her wedding day. From soft, romantic touches to bold, bawdy statement pieces, the room speaks to the beauty and enchantment of a wedding at The Manor.

Frothy, French and highly feminine, every ornate detail of the room is intended to enhance the magic and luxury of the moment. Every thought has been given to a bride’s pampered pleasure while in the space, even down to the symbolism inherent in its design. The circular room, built as a ring, is symbolic of the unbroken devotion of a married couple–the circle of love, that when given, is returned in a perpetual cycle. The gold-ringed moldings overhead and the rounded, plush seating further resonate with this symbolism–the warm embrace of love and unending commitment.

The suite, abundantly ringed in mirrors, offers a dedicated space for every member of the bridal party. Warm pink marble vanity tabletops, gown-friendly seating, and glamorous Hollywood lighting, ideal for preparing one’s hair and makeup, accompany each mirrored space–All to enhance the bride’s feeling that she’s preparing for a very special moment.

The extraordinary domed ceiling, with an artist’s hand-painted mural of delicate clouds, creates a vaulted open and airy feel in the space. A fine, demure crystal chandelier hangs gracefully from its center, carrying light across the mural and down the curved ceiling.

The room’s cozy cove, ornately framed with richly colored, textured and tasseled drapery hosts a charming antique settee upholstered in a cheery pattern, almost inviting guests to sit and survey the room.

As the central focal point of the suite, proudly sits a bold banquette, whose shape is symbolic of a wedding cake. Intentionally rotund in form to mimic the shape and symbolism of the room, this chic seating area was custom-designed to be the icing on the cake of this couture chamber. This cleverly-built, comfortable and luxuriant modular piece opens to reveal a cocktail table, around which to gather. The banquette is convertable to individual seating and can be easily rearranged to fit your seating preference.

Starting as a napkin sketch by the room’s interior designer, the piece was fabricated from scratch and commissioned to be built, just for our brides.

Containing yet another mirror, offering the bride a full-length view of her gown, the suite includes an adjoining private bathroom, solely for the bride’s use.

With the same level of refinement, authenticity and class you’d expect from a wedding or reception at The Manor, our Rotunda Bridal Suite evokes a glamour and a sophisticated sexiness that will ensure our brides are looking and feeling their best as they prepare to step out in stunning style to wow their spouse and adoring guests."

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