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Programming & Booking of Entertainment Series

Project Type

Entertainment Programming + Event Design

Project Duration

2010 - 2019


Northern New Jersey


The Dome Lounge


Entertainment Director

To drive additional revenue on days of the week that this lounge venue was not otherwise in operation and to build awareness/introduce new clientele to the space, I worked to capitalize on the demand for live entertainment in its market area.

I launched a series of shows that were reservation-based for more predicable revenue and staffing, as well as selling tickets at the door -- which was an entirely new system to institute for this establishment.

After arranging the method, process, and tools needed to sell and execute these events, I began booking negotiations for performers who would be most salable and fitting for the venue.

To generate additional revenue beyond tickets sales from these events, I worked with the bar and culinary staff to develop appropriate food and beverage menus on-theme with the performances.

The result was as hoped -- Increase exposure; additional opportunities for press, marketing, and word of mouth; new clientele introduced to the venue; drawing back of clientele who had stopped patronizing the establishment; increase bar & food sales; and a general uptick in awareness and volume of business.

Additionally, through the success of the events and having established the proof of concept, the venue operators also became willing to utilize their banquet spaces for off-peak live events, which worked to draw additional revenue into their banquet event operations and further generate exposure to and for the brand as a whole.

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