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Revitalizing Dated Spaces with Enhanced Design

Project type

Redesign & Renovation




Northern New Jersey

This space served to double as a restaurant dining and private event space. It was much in need of a complete refresh, albeit under limited budget.

Transforming it from its dated and dilapidated popcorn ceiling required careful re-engineer and the addition of customized in-ceiling access.

Reovation work included upgrades to the electrical, HVAC connections and fire suppression system in the ceiling.

To solve the challenge of ceiling access, I directed the customization and layout of a beam system that incorporated removable panels, while still adding visual appeal with its decorative effect.

Additional upgrades included the replacement of carpeting with tile for easier maintenance and a more contemporary style. I also managed to achieve the restoration of the water damaged wood wall paneling.

In the process, I incorporated technology enhancement of a Bluetooth controlled speaker system and a WiFi hot-spot.

While the renovation work was underway, I also took the initiative to service the ventilation system and duct-work to improve air quality and flow.

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