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Technology Integrations In Hospitality Environments

Project type

Technology + Design


Three Months


Northern New Jersey

After guiding a complete addition of a ballroom space onto a rooftop terrace, I sought to further the level of amenities provided for both corporate and social functions that this venue was targeting for booking.

To that end, I sought to incorporate audio-visual technologies that were becoming more and more frequently in demand. While other venues either had to use in-house portable equipment or contract with a third party, I sources a product that would allow me to provide a built-in customized solution. The result was the installation of a large-scale "Smart" TV hidden behind a specialized mirror. This application was a decorative solution to maintaining the classically elegant appearance of the space, without detracting from it with a modern device. When not in use the A/V system was unnoticeable. When in use, it provided an ideal built-in solution for an client who wished to give and audio-visual presentation. Whether is was wireless playing a video montage, direct connecting to a slide presentation via a range of available ports or simply adding customized branding to the screen, individualize for the client.

This solution did away with any need for the unsightly clutter of projectors and mobile screens. It effortlessly brought the functionality of a boardroom into the refinement of a traditionally-elegant event space. Simple to use and and an aesthetically-pleasing design element when not in use, this amenity provided a seamless upgrade for a unique selling and service advantage.

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