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Wine Tasting Series & Culinary Events

Project type

Food & Beverage Event Conceptualition & Implementation

Project Duration

2017 - 2018


Northern New Jersey


The Manor (Bow & Arrow, Inc.)


Event Planner

For 60th Anniversary Year of a locally renowned restaurant and event venue, I produced a series of culinary events and entertainment programs to last through the year, and carry on into the next era.

As there were many unique spaces throughout this property, I organized a complete wine tasting series, multi-course wine and scotch dinners, and other culinary & beverage-focused events.

This venue's high-end buffet had also been internationally famous for many decades. To celebrate all of the influences that went into making it a success over the years, and the cultural diversity of the culinary and front-of-house leadership that contributed to its success, I created a dining series that drew upon the restaurant's (and personal staff's) recipes relevant to their heritage. This series highlighted regional and cultural cuisines, giving each one a feature. (from German cuisine to Caribbean, from Swedish to French, and many more). Each month I promoted one theme that would offer an international table to the buffet as part of the dinner reservation.

The result was a morale builder for the staff, increased media attention, a welcome change of pace for regular patrons, a draw for new clientele, and celebratory experience for all.

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